What is The Edge?

There any many different definitions for the word edge. The ones I choose to focus on are:

(1) Keenness or intensity of desire or enjoyment

(2) To have an advantage; enjoy a superior or winning position
Throughout my life, I’ve been consistently searching for how to get an edge, whether it be on the competition or just an edge to better my life. One of the biggest pursuits for many people is self-improvement. It seems like hundreds of new articles and videos come out each day pertaining to self-improvement, with dozens of specific focuses such as health, business, mentality, stress-relief, and even blogging! Because of the wealth of information and how accessible it is, I have found something to research that will never run out. Not only is it fun for me to learn, but it is directly applicable to improving my life, and who doesn’t want that?! I’ve read countless articles, dove into books, listened to podcasts, and I just recently started an audio-book obsession. I want to know why successful people are successful, and then use what I find in my own life to better my chances of success.

And I bet you want to, too.

Success can take on many different forms, and everybody’s definition is different, but I can promise you there is always something to learn. Whether you want to be the best dancer, basketball player, artist, friend, child, teacher, or just live a happy life, there is always something you don’t know that can help you to  improve. And that’s what I love about it. There are SO many things I don’t know! The beauty of life is that perfection is not attainable (and it may be surprising that I am saying that because I am an extreme perfectionist – maybe I’ll make a blog post about that in the future) and because it is not attainable, I will never run out of things that will help me to better myself and help me gain that edge.

So that is why I decided to start this blog. To be honest, I’ve wanted to start a blog for AGES. I think about things a lot, and when I get super passionate about something, I want to talk about it all the time. If you mention track and field, I won’t shut up. And I’m like that way with many other topics, too, so instead of constantly bombarding my friends with topics they might not be interested in or even worse, keeping it all inside, I now have an outlet. This blog. I think writing is very beneficial, whether it be blogging, journaling, or some other way. I’ll probably write a blog post on the benefits of writing, sometime. Stay tuned for that! 🙂

So what can you expect from this blog? Well, it will probably be a lot of my thoughts on certain topics. It will be new research that I think is fascinating. It will be mental strategies that I have directly used and have benefited from. It will be tips and quotes by successful people, because if you want to get somewhere in life you should look at the people who are already there. I might throw in some life updates and make it a bit more personal, and I might throw in posts that are strictly factual. I can promise you a wide variety, because I have a wide variety of interests.

This is going to be very experimental at first until I figure out exactly what I want to do, so I am very open to suggestions and tips which you can send me in the “Contact” section. I would also love to here what YOU want to learn about, because that is mainly why I am writing. I want ambitious people to have access to all the incredible information in the world that is directed at helping people to be successful. I firmly believe we were not put on this Earth to be mediocre, and if you believe that too, I hope you’ll get something out of this. 🙂

So you can read about me in the “About” section, but I’ll also introduce myself a bit here so you get an idea of who I am. My name is Brynn Sauer, I am seventeen, and I live in a very small town in central Minnesota. I think because of this, it has instilled in me an attraction to big cities. My dream house isn’t a house. It’s an apartment. In New York City. I want a busy life, a traveler’s life, and I’ve never envisioned myself “settling down”. There is the possibility that that could change in the future, but I don’t think it will.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE track and field, and exercise in general. I’m a bit on crazy side with it, but I love that. I’m very into being healthy, both physically and mentally. I think mental health upkeep is extremely important, and that it gets overlooked way too much. I put a lot of emphasis on positivity in my life.

I also love math. I am super left-brained and my brain works in a very logical manner, which is why I think I find so much enjoyment in the subject. But even though sometimes I think in very “black and white” terms, I also find fascination in things that are a little more colorful, such as writing, philosophy and meditation. Like I said, my interests are diverse.

And if I am not studying or working out, you can probably find me at church, which is by far the most important part of my life.

So, now that you know a bit more about me and what exactly The Edge is all about, I hope you’ll stick around and read some of the posts. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and I hope I can offer you some useful information you can apply to your own life. 🙂

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